Professional Commercial Pool Service In Miami, Florida

Pool Builders Miami is centrally positioned in Miami, Florida. The company is insured and licensed statewide all through Florida for all kinds of commercial pools and outdoors projects. The business specializes in designing and constructing custom pools and outdoors settings.

The mission of our company is to design and construct custom signature outside environments, and our standard is to offer high-quality products, have the most trustworthy building practice, and have the best professional staff at all times. We have been in the industry for a long time, and our reliability, honesty, and professionalism has made us acquired a wide list of professionals.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Pool Builders Miami is an innovator in pool construction and renovation, as we always offer our service that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. We not only meet all state necessities, but we also exceed the required standards at every stage of the project. We always offer the finest customer service, the uppermost quality products, and always delivers the best customer satisfaction.

Our commercial pool building services include repairs, renovations and equipment upgrades, together with the new pool construction. We offer our dedicated and affordable services to different customers, such as apartments, hotels, universities, and clubs. We understand that the success of a commercial project is derived from offering our customers an ideal product, within the budget and with minimum disturbance to the business.

We also know that in the majority of the occasions, a commercial project absorbs other solutions and technologies for which our business has the required knowledge and experience. Our familiarity includes outdoor edification, landscape, aquatic entertainment facilities, security entry and control, safety cameras and any other required technology to offer a secure and safe outdoor environment.

What We Offer?

As an approved and licensed commercial pool contractor and pool builder in Miami, we offer a variety of services to our customers in a professional and in an affordable way. Some of our notable services include:

New Pool Construction: The required procedure and steps to finish the construction of a new pool can be devastating and wearisome for several customers. Due to this, we split the pool construction process into two parts, such that the first part is the pool design phase and the second part is the pool construction phase.

Commercial Pool Renovation: Through our customers, our work and by functioning with other pool experts we have gained a highly appreciated status in the commercial pool business, particularly within the commercial pool restoration industry. We are up-to-date with all latest legal changes to the administration and upholding of commercial pool in Miami and we will assist you to know and achieve all necessary standards.

Commercial Pool Resurfacing: Our established, expert systematic pool resurfacing procedure offers the strongest and longest-term vinyl-ester resin surface in the pool resurfacing industry today.

Safety and Code Compliance: The guiding principle of our company is that we are not interested in constructing the most pools, but constructing the absolute finest pools. Through our services, we not only go beyond the expectations of our customers, but we also make our pool construction service to meet the safety and code compliance.

Heater, Pump, and Filter Installation: In addition to the services mentioned above, our installation technicians are highly trained to install heaters, pumps and filters for your pool in a professional way, irrespective of their model and make.

Energy Efficient LED Pool Lighting: Usually, all commercial pools in Miami are provided with the lighting facility. The specialty of our pool lighting service is that our lights not only offer bright illumination, but they are also designed with LED expertise to minimize your utility bills.

If you are considering installing a new commercial pool or renovating the existing commercial pool in Miami, Florida, get in touch with us today for a free estimate and safety inspection.

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