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When it comes to swimming pools, Pool Builders Miami is unrivaled. We have a wide array of knowledge and experience on all things pool related. From the construction of new pools to renovating and remodeling, as well as the installation of decks and amenities, we are the market leader in Miami. Our company promises to cater to all your pool needs making your swimming experience something to remember. We understand that every client has their own preferences when it comes to their pool. Our experts, therefore, endeavor to incorporate all your desires so as to create a pool that you will certainly enjoy having. And we do all this at pocket-friendly prices.

Pool Construction

The number of different pool layout designs is increasing day by day. Choosing an appropriate design could be a mind-boggling task for any would-be client. Our experts take you through the designs and help you decide what is most suitable for you. We use only quality materials in the construction of your pool. This ensures that your pool gives you service for very many years. Depending on your choice, we can construct for you using vinyl pool liner, fiberglass or even concrete.

Vinyl has the advantage of being very smooth, so you will not feel abrasion when you step on it. Concrete will be very hard while fiberglass is transparent giving you a beautiful reflection. We will take you through all these materials and help you select the right one.

We construct all shapes and sizes of pools, so you are spoilt for choice when you choose us. Whether you want an exotic one or a normal outdoor one or even a heated one, Pool Builders Miami will give you exactly what you want.

Our procedure is pretty simple. First we evaluate the area where you want the construction to take place. Then we dig the place up and ensure it is clear. After this, we install according to the layout you have selected. Then we surface the pool and give it beautiful finishing touches. Once installed, the deck can now be constructed and then with a little cleaning and filling with water, your pool is ready for use.


When you have used your pool for a number of years, you are bound to want to give a new look. We will help you with this. From increasing the size or depth to changing the lining material, we will renovate your pool giving it a new feel.


And in terms of remodeling, you can count on us to provide additional features such as pool lighting and more equipment. We also deal with pool resurfacing and can provide whatever unique finishing you want, be it rocks, small fountains or waterfalls. Whatever remodeling needs you have, you can count on us to meet your standards.

Pool Resurfacing

Have you noticed chips or cracks on the surface of your pool? This should be a cause of worry and cracks of whatever size can cause major injury to swimmers. Also, over time, the surface of your pool becomes stained making the pool look dirty even if the water is clean. If you have encountered these problems or would just like to get a new surface, you should contact us as we can help you get this done. We have a wide array of materials to choose from. Quartz will give your pool an excellent gleam; ceramic tiles offer classic beauty while glass finishes will give your pool that extra edge. If none of these materials appeal to you, we can always use plaster to give your pool a basic and traditional look. Cleanliness and smoothness are what we promise to deliver when we resurface your pool. And we do all these at very affordable prices.

Pool Coping

When it comes to coping, our work speaks for itself. We promise to help you identify the best material that will make your shell wall stand out. Whether it’s concrete, tile or natural stone, your shell wall will completely blend with the rest of the pool in an elegant way.

Pool Decks

A beautiful pool is not complete without a beautiful deck. At Pool Builders Miami, we understand this fact. Hence, we endeavor to provide you with excellent pool decks. Our decks are beautifully constructed from a variety of material. Based on budget and preference, we can construct your deck from granite, wood or even brick. In addition, we also construct decks with flagstone or even concrete. We take special considerations during designing phase. For example, we look at the direction of the sun as well as shade. We try to make the deck area as private as possible so that you are not disturbed by prying eyes of passers-by and nosy neighbors. We take advantage of the surrounding view when constructing your deck so that you and your guests can have a very relaxing experience. And with the wide array of layouts to choose from, you can be assured of getting the very best from us.

Pool Repair

Have you noticed a difference in water levels in your pool? You could be having a leak. We are experts in identifying and fixing leakage areas. When you call us, we will help you identify potential areas of concern in your pool. These can range from simple cracks to determining the right amount of water for your pool per day or week. Also, we help you identify if your equipment has a problem or if water is congregating on areas adjacent to your pool. Once we get to the root of the problem, we conduct repairs in the shortest time possible allowing you to use your pool as soon as possible. Don’t let damage to your pool prevent you from enjoying that swim. Call on us to repair the damage before it gets worse.

Whether you want to construct a new pool, or you want to refurbish your old one or even to construct beautiful pool decks, contact us to turn your fantasy into reality.

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